Agenda Bar Kantoor

Bottomless Drag Queen Bingo

Join the Bottomless Boozy Drag Queen Bingo at Bar Kantoor. The first
edition of this Bottomless Boozy Drag Queen Bingo will kick off on
Saturday, March 16th from 16.00hrs - 19.00hrs. After your Saturday
stroll in the Westerpark, come in at Bar Kantoor and join our Drag Queen
Bingo. We promise you entertainment, music, and drinks! A drag queen
show, a thrilling bingo game, and unlimited drinks & finger food for 49.50 euros only.

Don’t cheat on this game, since host Hoax LeBeau and DJ-Queen Puma
Hilton know where to find you, and you’ll miss out on the fabulous prices!

Discover our heated igloos

From November 24 to February 28

Looking for a unique experience? From November 24 we will transform our terrace into a winter wonderland again. Our cozy and heated igloos will adorn the entrance to Bar Kantoor throughout the winter season.

Come by on Friday, Saturday or Sunday to enjoy our tempting Boozy Brunch, which includes a cocktail for only 35 euros. In addition, you can enjoy our shared dining menu together every evening, from 2 people for 39.50 euros per person. Let the winter magic begin!